Though Savannah started singing  for fun with bands at the age of eleven and recorded her music at the age of thirteen.
Pursuing a career in the music business Savannah began to sing at the age eighteen years old. Inspired by her grandfather Juan Manuel Alcala, Savannah began to sing Trio and later was drawn to songs like Id Rather go blind soul sung by Etta James.
Savannah’s latest album dropped February 14, 2013 self entitled ‘SAVANNAH’
Was fresh late after appearing on the National television show “American Idol”
Appearing on season 13. Savannah made it to Hollywood making 3 rounds and later being sent home in Hollywood, by judges: Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nikki Manaj

Quotes from American Idol Judges:

RANDY JACKSON SAID: “You are a natural performer”

MARIAH KAREY SAID: “Big voice babe”

KEITH URBAN SAID: “ You have life in your voice. I can hear a lot of life going on like lot of struggles and high and lows and triumphs. I can hear all of it. It’s a lot of empowerment that I love”

NIKKI MANAJ SAID: “ It sounds so organic. It doesn’t sound forced. It sounds like that’s what you where born to do.

Soon after being on American Idol Savannah ventured off and began to perform along with fellow Artist’s such as Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz, Ruben Ramos and the Texas Revelation late after released her very own song “Te Juro Mi Amor” written by: Savannah Votion, Elsa Herrera, Gabriel Barajas, Jr Malacheor Produced by: Grammy award winner Rick Fuentes in 2015

2016- Followed by: “Fuego” written by: Achmed Tueste
Produced by: Rick Fuentes
Video by: Ryan Baan